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Animating Isentropic – Electricity Storage

Isentropic Ltd has a great proposition and James Macnaghten (CEO) and the team are an exciting group to work this. Earlier this year they wanted to capture the proposition in a short video.

Myself and small team from Isentropic Ltd worked with Martin Dawson at MCCP to create a 5 minute animation. We posted it back on Youtube in March 2014. I caught up with James earlier in the month and he pointed out that the video had over 13,000 hits, in months.

“That’s 13,000 presentations I have not had to give!” said James.

As it says with the video, Isentropic Limited is developing one of the best forms of grid scale electricity storage in the world. The video shows how Isentropic Pumped Heat Electricity Storage (PHES) works. Below is an embedded version and any clicks here also add to the hit statistics. For more details on PHES visit the website

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