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Kashflow – A Good Example Of SaaS

For over a year now, Sapien has been a user and fan of the SaaS accounting system Kashflow; CEO and founder, Duane Jackson, gives a good insight into his business … At Sapien we are users and fans of the early stage, SaaS accounting system Kashflow. Its […]

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Benefiting As An Early-stage Business From The Latest IT

As an early stage business we have been very impressed at the highly capable and affordable IT systems out there. It’s ever changing but this is our snapshot on 14th July 2009 … Before going out on our own, in our past firms we used to have […]

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Mexican Shoot-Out: If Founders Fall Out

If down the line you reach a stand-off with your partner, ensure you have a blind bid to buy each other out … Just read a great blog by Duane Jackson (Kashflow), I can totally relate to his experience in the difficulties of a 50-50 partnership when […]

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Smits Rule Of Four

If you think you might have a good idea, this is how to test it before you get in too deep … I attended a conference late last year and Tim Smit (Eden Project) gave an excellent talk. One of his many anecdotal tips was his ‘Rule […]

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