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Animating Isentropic – Electricity Storage

James Macnaghten, CEO at Isentropic, spreads the word more easily about Pumped Heat Electricity Storage.

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Great Ways To Boost Your Child’s Development

Bright-speech is holding a workshop on Monday 28th May at 1900 in Cottenham. The workshop covers great tips for helping children develop – and all part of what we can do every day. I know I am not the only one impressed by what Bright-speech does – […]

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Huxley Bertram Exhibit ‘Varydose’

Huxley Bertram Engineering exhibit Varydose at Drug Delivery Conference, Edinburgh 2010 Queen Mary University London and Huxley Bertram Engineering exhibited Varydose, a novel powder dispensing technology, at the  Drug Delivery Conference, in Edinburgh 8th-10th December 2010.

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Green Energy Options Going Well

GEO are going from strength to strength: choose an industry sector which is growing rapidly, it’s the most important factor in starting a business… I met up with Simon Anderson yesterday, one of the founders and COO of GEO. I first started to work with Simon in […]

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Camvine – Innovative Digital Signage

Camvine, an early stage Cambridge based company with innovative technology for digital signage … I have been working with Camvine since September 2008. It was set-up by Dr. Quentin Stafford-Fraser. Q is hugely capable technically and has that incredible way of describing complicated things so simply. For […]

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