business and marketing consultancy
Sapien Innovations Ltd - Cambridge, UK


As a business consultant for Sapien Innovations, Steve Hales works with businesses to dramatically raise performance. Steve’s expertise is business consultancy and marketing consultancy for engineering businesses, small to medium size companies and start-up firms. The first requirement is to understand the business, the context, the people and the objectives.

Consultancy projects often start with an initial free consultation to discuss project objectives and challenges. This is followed by a written proposal from Sapien Innovations / Steve Hales. Actual consultancy projects vary in duration: short (1/2 a day), longer (5-10 days) or on regular weekly and monthly retainers.  In special circumstances, Steve becomes a regular part of the senior team in a company.

Marketing Consultancy Projects
Marketing consultation working on the marketing pipe-line
A typical marketing consultation assignment might involve conducting an audit of the marketing activities, working with the marketing team to define the marketing plan and potential hands-on involvement in implementation.
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Business Consultancy Projects
Business consultancy by Sapien Innovations
Typical business consultations range from mentoring the senior management team, facilitating the management to create a business plan or specific strategic tasks such as: succession planning, business sale, moving premises or raising finance.
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