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How To Increase New Business For Accountants On The Internet

The internet is a prime source of new business for accountants. More and more new clients are finding an accountant on the web. My local accountant is now number 1 on a Google search for its business. Previously the firm was being approached by only 10-20% of the prospective clients seeking accountants. This is the story so far, and we wait to see how many more new leads are generated.

My local accountant is MHHP in Cottenham. We have been looking at its generation of new business. After some recent changes, the partnership is now well placed at the top of the first page of a Google search.

Generating new business for accountants - MHHP


More New Clients Are Finding An Accountant On the Internet

Unsurprisingly to find an accountant in Cottenham, many prospective clients type ‘Accountants in Cottenham’ in to a Google search. When we tested MHHP’s position against this search, the firm’s website didn’t appear until the middle of page 8 (i.e. position 85). Cottenham is a rural village, 6 miles north of Cambridge. Although there are 3 or 4 firms with practices in the area, no-one was properly on page 1 of a search. Instead the front page was full of directory results (such as Yell) and Google+ page results. MHHP did at least appear in the Google+ section by registering with Google Places but being on page 8 in the search results was very much a missed opportunity.

Potential Number of New Clients

What is a good number of new leads to be receiving each month? That used to be difficult to answer but recently MHHP started using the Recently Formed service which advises how many new limited firms are registering at Companies House. Recently Formed showed a higher number of firms than intuitively expected and MHHP was being approached by probably only 10-20% at most.

Generating New Business For Accountants

Getting a better position on Google search, or search engine optimisation (SEO), was not too difficult in MHHP’s case. MHHP have a website built on one of the two popular platforms (Joomla and WordPress). Simple inclusion of ‘Cottenham’ in several places on the main pages of the website resulted in being at position 1.

Companies That Can Help

If required,  firms like build easy to use, professional websites on platforms like Joomla and WordPress.

What Next?

In the meantime, with MHHP’s permission, we will watch to see the pattern of new leads and report back shortly.



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